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Dr. Jeffrey Schloemer, PsyD

Dr. Jeffrey Schloemer Inland Insight LLC Spokane, WA

I earned a doctoral degree in clinical psychology from George Fox University in Newberg, OR and then completed an internship and postdoctoral fellowship at the Walla Walla, Spokane, and Boise Veterans Administration (VA) Hospitals. I hold a current license to practice as a psychologist in Washington State and Idaho. 

I provide evaluation and treatment services in several subspecialities including psychological trauma and head injuries. I provided forensic evaluations for the court and other legal or employment settings such as fitness for duty, assessment of psychological damages, pre-employment, and other various assessment of cognition and mood complaints. I am also paneled as Washington L&I provider. I conduct family law litigation related evaluations such as parental capacity psychological evaluations. 

When providing treatment, I primarily utilize Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. This is an evidenced based model of treatment aimed at helping an individual identify patterns of mood, relationship, and coping that is interfering with life goals and satisfaction. It is quite intense, but very effective to gain insights and paving the way to make healthy changes.  

Every person deserves dignity and respect. Whether providing evaluations or treatment, I approach individuals across several contexts including biology, psychology, social, and spiritual spheres of functioning. Most people are quite relational and I aim to understand how past and current relationships have shaped a person. Life events also have a way to shape a person's experiences and I aim to understand these events in the context of current problems, complaints or difficulties. 

EIN: 82-4283821

NPI:  1326380197

L&I Provider: 0390519

WA#: PY60731264

ID#: PSY203564

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Dr. Peter Loeffler, MD

Dr. Loeffler Psychiatrist Photo.jpg

Dr. Loeffler completed undergraduate and medical school at the University of Washington. Having lived all around Washington, he has acquired hobbies that span the state. Here on the Eastside, he enjoys spending time on our many lakes and rivers, kayaking, bird hunting, and cycling. He also makes regular trips to the coast to indulge seaside hobbies which include scuba diving, spear fishing, surfing, and catching squid, crab, and clams.

Prior to medical school, Dr. Loeffler worked as a CNA in memory care, volunteered with the Alzheimer’s Association, and worked in Parkinson’s Disease research. His primary interest was in geriatrics and dementia, however, in medical school several experiences drew his attention towards psychiatry. It began in Spokane at the student-run free clinics. Later, he had the opportunity to work for LEAD (Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion) in Seattle where he and the team provided case-management and housing to justice-involved individuals. In Olympia, Dr. Loeffler volunteered at a low barrier suboxone clinic. Finally, at a rural county jail, he had the privilege of helping start a grant-funded medication assisted treatment / re-entry program for people diagnosed with Opioid Use Disorder.

Dr. Loeffler has accumulated valuable experience in psychiatry over the course of several years, which has included providing care in inpatient psychiatry for individuals experiencing severe mental health decompensations, as well as involvement in the consult-liaison setting where he would treat the psychiatric symptoms in medically complex patients. Dr. Loeffler's practice has involved working with various groups, including children, older adults, college students, and individuals with intellectual disabilities, offering support for a wide range of mental health disorders spanning psychotic, anxiety, mood, and personality disorders. In the outpatient setting, Dr. Loeffler has experience serving patients in Colville through tele-psychiatry. He also has worked in a specialized addiction clinic, focusing on treating substance use disorders including opioid, methamphetamine, alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis use disorders. Dr. Loeffler has pursued further training in therapeutic modalities with special interest in psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Dr. Loeffler's journey in psychiatry has been shaped by interactions with people from diverse backgrounds. Through listening to their stories, he developed a deep empathy and understanding of the complexities underlying their struggles, while also recognizing the inherent goodness in each individual. This perspective led him to adopt a holistic approach to mental health care, integrating psychotherapy, acknowledging the social and behavioral aspects of well-being, and utilizing medication when helpful. Dr. Loeffler continues to be inspired by his patients, learning from their experiences and collaborating with them towards their journey to inner healing.

NPI 1: 1003498510 

NPI 2: 1982467932

DEA: FL3466605

WA: MD61472272


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